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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Day Of Sunshine

It was a beautiful morning and on our walk we saw this little guy who was trying so hard to hide himself.fawn

Michael came and went all day to a new neighbor’s property trying to dig holes for septic licensing.  The coming and going was because someone wasn’t doing their jobs.  Are you familiar with the signs that say “Call Before You Dig?”  Well we always call and we always get the run around.  The company contracted to mark the electric lines has 48 hours from your phone call to get it done.  We called on Tuesday and today the guy called and said he didn’t want to come way over here today (Thursday) from Bozeman.  Mike told him, “I am digging this afternoon whether you mark or not.”  The guy came over and the phone company finally showed up too. 

It was such a beautiful morning and no wind so I decided to hop on my little Kawasaki mule and spray a tank full of weed spray.mule Here I am all loaded up—this little mule doesn’t look like much but he gets the job done.  One of our rich and famous neighbors had this mule, his son had rolled it down a hill (no injury) and we bought it for a song.  Michael straightened the frame and we have used the tires off the thing for about 12 years! 

The rain came back this afternoon and as I write this, it is pouring!  I finished a customer quilt this afternoon and have it ready to return to her. 

We are off to George and Shirley’s tonight for me to give them a little computer lesson and to have some of George’s good wine!

My Mom is coming tomorrow, yippee—I was needing a Mom fix!Boone

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  1. Do you think you'll be coming our way this weekend? If you are, I want to be sure to be here. :)


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