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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gotta Get To Work

Got my report from Feedjit today and our readers are falling by the way side—obviously I need to get to work and write something more interesting or take a trip or something!! 

Has anyone tried Costco’s printer cartridge refill service??  You take the empty cartridge from your printer, deliver it to the photo center at the local Costco and those nice people fill it up for you--$10—pick it up in an hour!  The cartridges for this newer printer we have are not quite as expensive as for printers we have owned in the past but a new black and white cartridge is $15. 

Karen from the blog Karen in the Woods has an excellent post on RV holding tank maintenance—good info! 

OK, it is raining again this morning, how in the world am I ever going to get my seedlings in the ground????

Think this will up readership—ink cartridges, holding tanks (ick) and rain AGAIN—doubtful!


  1. Some of us are still hanging in there. :)

  2. We check in daily to see what is up with our neighbours to the south.

  3. I tried refilling the cartridges for our two HP printers, at Office Max, niether one worked for me, the black was okay, but the color cartdiges the color was way off. When your not traveling you will probably see a decrease, since we haven't laft yet, I guess it will go up once we hit the road, if not so be it, Just another day in eciting Dardenne Prairie. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. I always read your Blog and enjoy it. Keep it up!!

  5. Well, I found it pretty interesting. I didn't know about Costco's ink refill program - I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Hi Janna, I've been silently following your blog for about 9 months - seldom if ever comment on a blog - I have always dreamed of Montana & this summer I may get my 1st chance to visit (even if I have to sleep in my car) - so I'm interested in your great photos of scenery, weather, & quilts - I have also applied for Xanterra but no luck (glad some of your family got their jobs) - I hope to visit Yellowstone & Cody rodeo & then Chico Hot Springs, Livingston, and on up to Glacier. Keep up your great blog as I truly enjoy it - Happy Trails - Cindy L (Moonfly13)

  7. I read everyday so keep it up. It is great to be able to keep in touch with family.

  8. I refill my own and have for years. The trick is you have to order specific ink for your specific printer. You can't just get those cheapy refills at Walmart. Go online and do a search. I can't remember who I got my ink from last last such a long time and is easy to do.


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