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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Ready

Today we decided to start gathering stuff for the garage sale, and here at almost 4pm we are finished gathering.  Where do we get all this stuff???  Why do we get all this stuff???  We piled it all into our enclosed trailer and will take it to town bright and early Saturday morning.  We live too far out in the country to have a decent sale—Nat’s subdivision of about 25 homes is having their annual garage sale on Saturday so we will set up our wares there.

Just a while ago Michael asked me how I would feel about taking him down to the big garage by the road on the Kawasaki mule to get his dirt bike—I would then pull him and the bike back uphill with the mule???  OK—I can see a disaster in the making—I made him go put boots on instead of sneakers—the last time he had anything to do with this dirt bike he broke his ankle while wearing sneakers.  Well, we were successful, just out of the shed pulling the bike was enough to get it started, whew!!!

Yellowstone River Flooding On our drive to Livingston last night for the quilt guild meeting I took these photos of the mighty Yellowstone River at flood stage.Yellowstone River Flooding2 Skunk This little guy was in Wendy’s driveway and still there when we brought her home.Red mtns The sunset last night turned our mountains to the east a beautiful red color.  See the burned trees on top of that mountain—that forest fire got just a little too close for comfort a few years ago!

We are off to Livingston tonight to have dinner with friends Arch and Gwen—we just got a wild hair and off we go—most people don’t drive over 60 miles to have dinner do they??  This is Montana!


  1. I remember driving 70 miles this past March for a hamburger, and then didn't even get one. :( Of course, that was in Texas where everything's big. :)

  2. hah we understand the 60 miles to visit friends for a dinner! We travel 35 miles for a walmart run or 40 miles for a movie theater!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Hey - thanks for the happy anniversery wishes the other day. Love you and love the pictures today, wishing I was there.


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