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Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is my sister Ann and her husband Danny’s 35th wedding anniversary—Happy Anniversary.  Their daughter Niki and her husband Eric were also married on this day 13 years ago—Happy Anniversary to them too!

Another 1/2 inch of rain last night and more showers today with a little sun thrown in to temp us into thinking it might be spring, HUH!  It is pouring as I write this, a huge black cloud was rolling in and I went outside to take photos--Approaching storm See the black birds in the top of the tree—there were six vultures up there, ICK!Vulture I had talked to our friend Gwen over in Livingston this afternoon and their area received a nasty storm—pouring rain and lots of hail.

Michael worked on his rock project again today and I quilted.  Decided to do something of my own today and quilted one of the little table toppers Mom made while she was here, even got the binding sewn on and will hand stitch it down tonight. 

Today Emmi is one year old—she is the sweetest dog and brings us lots of pleasure.  She has decided it is not so scary to be outside with that shock collar on and she loves being out now.  And, Mom doesn’t have to worry about her leaving anymore! 

A good day.


  1. Up here in our neck of the woods we call those guys Turkey Vultures. Some times if I'm outside dozing in my lawn chair & open my eyes real quick, I can see them circling lower & sneaking up on me!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Emmi from Fillmore!


    (Happy Birthday-- Hope you get lots of chew toys and doggie treats)

    Duke and Duchess


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