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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Works!!

Rick has been giving all us computer challenged folks lessons in using Live Writer via his blog.  And his helpful hints work!!!  Since I started this blog I have edited my photos usually on a daily basis and saved them in the correct size to a special blog folder.  Well, low and behold, I  don’t really have to do that—Live Writer does it for you if configured correctly!  It’s the small things that make me happy!  Yesterday I left a comment since Rick had asked for more questions for blog writing material—I asked about the feature in Picasa that removes object such as power poles from your photographs.  Rick kindly sent me a link and by george, it also works!!!  I am thrilled—I have always used Microsoft Picture It to edit photos—it is a simple program, very easy to use and I have taught many people to use it but to my knowledge, it does not have a feature that allows you to remove objects from a photograph.  For Christmas I received Photoshop Elements, installed the program and tried to use it a couple of times with no success—I need a class I think!June thunderstorm-1 This photo used to have one of Michael’s treasures pictured in the photo—not anymore—thanks Rick!

I started a new wallhanging quilt today and made great progress.  About mid-afternoon, I decided to take a break from quilting and mow the lawns.  Then I really got ambitious and decided to do some weedwhacking.  Everything looks very nice now and I inspired Michael I guess cause he jumped on the riding mower and mowed all our walking paths around the hayfields. 

It was another beautiful day in Montana.

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  1. The picture looks great, whatever Michael's treasure was, I can't see any trace of it. Good job!!


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