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Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Inch

OK, I think we better build that ark!  We got another inch of rain last night!  It was raining when we left George and Shirley’s last night and I think it rained most of the night!  But, I should not complain—have you read the news—there is a wonderful campground near Hot Springs, AR that my sister and Mom have used a lot in the past.  My friend Jill and I have gone on hikes with my family from the campground.  Last night the area received 7 inches of rain in less than an hour and there was a flash flood, 17 people lost their lives and many more are still missing.  Our hearts go out to those families. 

Mom and Chuck arrived this morning while I was cleaning out the inside of the truck and little car.  They brought their laundry which I encouraged them to do so they don’t have to pay laundromat charges.  Mom also wanted to use the sewing machine to alter some pants for both of them.  Yellowstone National Park is a wonderful place to work but you certainly don’t make any money—they pay you barely minimum wage and then also take out of your wages room and board!  But the fringe benefits are spectacular--Grizzly in YNP The grizzly sow has been spotted with FOUR cubs—there are various reasons she might have four cubs with her according to park rangers.  Chuck took this photo one afternoon—he said every time he snapped a photo the fourth cub disappeared from view!  You can see three of the cubs in this photo if you look closely—awesome!!!

Mike and I needed to run some errands this afternoon and Mom and Chuck went along for the ride.  We visited with Jill and all of us had frozen yogurt at Cinnabar Creek.  Mom, Chuck and I managed to find some things at Gust’s we couldn’t live without and we bought a few groceries.  Why are we walking home you might askWalking home On the way home the Explorer’s transmission died—we managed to make it almost home but had to walk the last little uphill bit.  Now we really have to make a decision about what kind of vehicle to get! 

Now we are home, Michael got the old VW running so we have a run around car and Mom is altering some pants for both of them.  We had a big lunch—wonderful grilled hamburgers—so no dinner or a light one later.

A good day!

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  1. Oh no.. what a hike up the hill! Carrying groceries no less! ACK Oh well, it's a life of adventure, right?

    Karen and Steve
    (our blog)


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