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Monday, June 28, 2010

I Think It’s Summer

We skipped spring and went straight to summer—our current temp here at almost 7pm is 87 degrees!  Poor Michael laid rocks onto the face of the garage this afternoon after cutting our neighbor’s hay this morning.  He said it was very hot out there.  Now me, I was quilting in the nice cool basement and Emmi was keeping me company!  But, I talked to my quilting friend Caryl who happened to be in Phoenix today—112 degrees!!  We can be thankful for our little old 87 degrees, can’t we??

And no, Marti, sorry, I am not working on your quilts right now—I have one for Aunt Marg and one for my neighbor in line before I can start on yours—but soon!  I am back in the swing of quilting again—I finished the quilting on the wholecloth I was doing and just need to get the binding on. 

I’ve had lots of Facebook and other comments on our Beverly Hillbilly look yesterday.  Judy thinks Michael should change his name to Jethro and my sweet friend Kerri back in Arkansas thinks I have come home to my red neck roots! 

Coons When we came home from the rodeo parade, these little guys were in our neighbor’s driveway—aren’t they cute?

Nature's bouquet 2010 Nature’s bouquet.

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  1. Yup... them critters sure are cute! We had a batch here last year, and after mangling my bird feeders and chewing the door to get into our garage, we had to *relocate* them. Caught em in a live trap, one at a time. Then Steveio took them for a ride... to the Township Dump! What a happy home for them---- and gone from ours.

    Karen and Steve
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