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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Trip To Billings

In Montana during the spring and summer it begins to get daylight about 4:30am!!!  If Michael is not deciding it is time to get up because it is daylight, Emmi is!  Getting up early was a good thing this morning, we got an early start on our trip to Billings and were home by 4:30!

The sewing machine repair man fixed my machine today and I got to bring it home with me, YEA!  Have you ever noticed that many businesses never think the customer is right??  I was told the only way the machine would jam up as it did was if I was threading it incorrectly???  OK, the sewing machine is ten years old, have I been threading it incorrectly all this time and it has just now decided to jam????  And I was told I needed to clean out the bobbin and oil it more frequently—I said, “well, it hasn’t been used but two or three times since YOU guys cleaned and oiled it, just how frequently am I supposed to clean and oil—HOURLY???”

We had a terrible lunch at the Mexican food resturant—YUK, not YUM!!!  Then it was off to Costco to do some major grocery shopping with a stop for frozen yogurt which made up for the awful lunch and last stop was Wal Mart. 

A busy but productive day! 

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  1. Aw good sewing machine repair places are getting to be few and far between. Last time I dropped one off, they gave me the wrong machine in return, and never fixed my own machine!

    Karen and Steve
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