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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Beverly Hillbillies

Michael spotted an Explorer on Craigslist this morning, I called the guy and off we went to Billings to see this vehicle.  Emmi got to stay with Nat.  Another goal was to see just how much Costco stuff we could get in the little convertible—it gets 35-36 mpg and the truck gets 15-17mpg!

It was a gorgeous day for riding around with the top down—the Explorer had a front main seal engine oil leak so we decided against it—sure is handy to have a mechanic type husband who can diagnosis those sorts of things before we write a check!

Lunch at Famous Dave’s—I am addicted to their salmon cesar salad.  Then it was off to Costco where we shopped cautiously for our annual July 4 party--Spare Tire We stuffed food items everywhere in that little car—this is the spare tire hole under the front hood.

It Fit Everything else went in these two coolers on the rack Michael built and behind the seats up front.  We even had room to stop at Wal Mart for a couple of items!!

OK—as if that wasn’t bad enough to have those coolers tied on behind, while I was in Wal Mart Michael made a phone call.  He had noticed some RV ovens for sale in Craigslist.  Ya’ll remember when I blogged about the Beaver motor home lacking an oven and how much I missed it this past winter—well Michael found me one today for the whopping sum of $75—they cost close to $400 at RV parts stores.  It was in Columbus which is on the way home between Billings and Big Timber.  Hauling the stove Now tell me, do we look like the Beverly Hillbillies or what???? 

We stopped in Big Timber, visited with Nat, picked up Emmi and are unloaded and relaxing—a productive Sunday, even if we didn’t get a new car!


  1. I can just see that little stand on it's hind!!!☺ Glad you got home safe

  2. Yep, you guys are looking like the Beverly Hillbillies alright:)) Anytime we go into an RV Park.....we feel like the Beverly Hillbillies!!

  3. You always could have put the hood up and strapped on a few more things on top! :) Maybe then Michael could change his name to Jethro.

  4. I remember when we made the change from a pop-up to a trailer with an oven - it revolutionizes how you cook and plan to cook! Sounds like you made a great find - $70! Enjoy!

  5. Oh my gawd what a HOOT about the oven!!! How hilarious! I HAD to show Steve, and he was dozing in his chair so I had to wake him up!

    Now we need pics of the install, and sacrificing your lovely drawers and how are you gonna cut into the Corian? (or Fountainhead I guess it's called)

    Karen and Steve
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