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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Katie’s Wedding Shower

Yesterday’s trip to Butte for the APQS Road Show was uneventful—there were six attendees and I don’t think APQS sold any machines.  I learned a lot from the Road Show guys and it was fun to try out the new drive system but I really don’t think I will be upgrading any time soon—way too much money!

I flew home from Butte in the little sports car just in time to have dinner at Jeane and Steve’s.  Jill, Terry, Mark and Deb joined us and it was a wonderful evening as usual when we go to Steve and Jeane’s. 

Today was Katie’s wedding shower being hosted by her Mom.  I took over some food dishes to help out, Katie prepared some things (great cookies says Grandpa, Katie) and Helen, Katie’s mother-in-law to be brought stuff.  I baked the Boulder River Ranch three layer chocolate cake—it looked so beautiful—when I got there and Katie got the cake out of the truck—it was scrambled!!!!  And, I had packed it so carefully but that road between their house and ours is one big pothole/washed out spot/rock collection and it just shook the cake apart.  I got a spatula and put it all back together but of course it didn’t look as pretty but I was assured it tasted wonderful! 

Katie received some absolutely beautiful gifts one of which was this great hat made by her MIL, Helen--The bride It says, “the Bride” across the front and had the veil attached.  It was a very fun afternoon!

On the way home I spotted these two longhorns belonging to the ranch—they both looked so content.Longhorn2 Mr Longhorn Another horse accident in the valley today—our friend and neighbor Ken was thrown from his horse and flown by helicopter to Billings—his wife called a few minutes ago and he has six broken ribs—OUCH!

Emmi and Mike spent the day just being busy.  Michael sprayed weeds and Emmi played. 


  1. Bummer about the cake! You had better not ride Red in the near future. My mother always said things come in threes, and we wouldn't want you to be the third owner of broken bones. :(

  2. Ohh good reason to stay off your horses ... there must be something in the air (Spring Fever?) too bad on your cake, but glad it was salvageable. As my mom would say: "You are gonna chew it up anyhow, who cares what it looks like?"

    Karen and Steve
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