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Friday, June 4, 2010


As I write this the rain is coming down in sheets, wind, thunder and lightening—have we moved to Seattle and someone forgot to tell us??  I managed to get a plastic tent over my fragile plants in the garden before this storm started, let’s hope it holds against the wind. 

Michael was ambitious today, he laid rock against the face of the garage and also put up soffit board under the eaves—I think he is tired.

I worked toward finishing the custom quilting job I have on the frame.  Lots of stitching as gone into that quilt!  I love the lonestar quilt pattern and although this quilt belongs to a customer, she used my kind of colors—dark reds, blues and neutrals—it is gorgeous.  I almost finished it today, about two more hours and I will have it done!

Baked bread today to have with lunch and now Michael and I are enjoying some more of it with the apple butter I won in the silent auction last night at quilt guild.

Steamer See what the UPS man brought me today, a Nutri-Steamer.  Water goes in the bottom pan, the next pan is to collect the juice, and the top pan is where the fruit goes.  I borrowed Jill’s last summer and was amazed at how easy it was to extract juice from fruit such as chokecherries just by steaming it.  The handy little plastic tubing lets you fill jars or other containers without any mess.  I am going to try my hand at rhubarb jam using a recipe from Vera.


  1. I hear UPS has a special rate for shipping rhubarb jam from Montana to Ontario this week:))

  2. Looks like your new cooker is the best thing since the Foley food mill! :-)

  3. I just made more rhubarb jam yesterday. This is my third batch and there is even more rhubarb in the garden. Have fun making it.


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