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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day For Heads

Off to Billings this morning.  While I was getting the gray covered and a haircut, Michael took one cowboy hat to our hat maker—LawDog Hats—to have it cleaned and repaired a bit.  He also visited his favorite store, Harbor Freight.

Next on the agenda was lunch which was nothing to write home about.  Fabric stores, Costco and back to LawDog Hats to pick up one hat and drop off the other one to have it cleaned and reshaped.

By then it was time to go retrieve the treasures Michael found on Craigslist this morning.  He has been keeping an eye out for used fluorescent light fixtures and today hit the jackpot.  Four bulb fixtures for $10 each complete with bulbs.  We came home with 20 fixtures and enough bulbs to start a lighting store!  Mike intends to install the fixtures in his shop and my quilting room.

LoraLee came home from the hospital today.  She is on crutches, non-weight bearing for about six weeks then will have to have some more surgery.  I think she is mighty glad to be home.

Emmi and Nat had a good day together.  It was a heavenly 80 degrees in Billings today!


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  1. Gosh, your Mike and my Steve are two of a kind I tell ya. Looking at Craigslist and Ebay are the only two things he does on the computer! LOL

    Karen and Steve
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