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Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Thing And Another

Michael was feeling a little under the weather today and stayed close to his recliner.  Nat came up for lunch and he and Michael had steak, I had salmon.  The watermelon and cantaloupe we bought at Costco were sure good!

I spent the day quilting and was working on finishing a quilt when Lonn called.  He and LoraLee were out riding trying to separate some bulls when LoraLee’s horse slipped on some mud and all four of its feet went out from under him.  The horse landed on LoraLee leaving her with a severe compound fracture of her lower leg and a severely broken heel bone.  She had surgery this afternoon—we drove over to Livingston to see her—she is still pretty groggy but the doctors have her pain under control and she was talking. 

It is almost 10pm, little Emmi spent the evening with Nat and now we are all ready for bed!


  1. Ugh! What a nasty accident. I hoe LoraLee has a smooth recovery.

  2. Oh my what a horrible fall to take. Hope she heals well and can climb back in the saddle again!

    Karen and Steve
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