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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sale

Garage Sale The scene of the crime this morning!  We left home at the awful hour of 6:30 so we could unload the trailer at Nat’s in town and get the stuff all arranged before the early buyers arrived—sure enough, we had a woman coming through about 7:30!  She owns the local junk store!  We had a steady stream of buyers most of the morning and considered our garage sale a success.  We finished about noon and loaded all the unsold stuff back in the trailer along with a treadmill Nat is donating us (remember that treadmill Angie and Ralph??)  and headed for home.

At home we picked up another trailer and headed back to town and to Bozeman, stopping quickly at Costco after our errand.  Now remember Bozeman is about 100 miles from our house—we are pooped as you can imagine! 

Emmi has traveled along all day and was the star attraction of the garage sale.  No one tried to buy her thank goodness!  I did sell two of my quilting kits and a quilting pattern—yea!

A very long but satisfying day!

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  1. Always amazes me the distance you folks have to go for things. There would have to be a million dollar lottery ticket win at the other end of the journey before I would jump in the car & drive a hundred miles for something:))


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