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Monday, October 5, 2009

We Are In Iowa

Rain woke us up about 7am or maybe it was Emmi howling that woke us up! On the way our dash defroster/heater fan had stopped working so Michael took it apart his morning without success. We left SD about 10am headed to Iowa.

We drove through field after field of corn--it is planted on every available square inch of ground. Traffic was heavier and we didn't chose the best road, either, two lane with very rough surfacing, lots of construction but we made it to our destination, Saylorville Lake State Park outside Des Moines about 3pm.

Corn fields and old barns.

Saylorville Lake State Park
Sailboat on Saylorville Lake.

Emmi learning to walk on a leash!
Emmi and me.

We all took a walk and then when we got back Michael took the fan motor apart and fixed it this time--is there anything he can't do??? And some one in this family (the mechanic) has a birthday tomorrow.
Rain falling on the roof as I type this--it is following us but at least we are not at home, friends Geoff and Nancy sent us photos of our snowstorm--looked like at least a foot of snow on the ground if not more!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Michael! You amaze me with your talents. Mary Ellen


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