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Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Motorhome??

A newer motor home may be in our future. It is 15 degrees, snowing and we blew belts from the engine again. My poor husband is outside in this weather putting the belts back on. He muttered something about being done with this *&+%$# motor home when he went out the door last. Why do these things have to happen when the weather is the worst--murphy's law??


  1. Sorry to hear about that motorhome problem. You guys sure have had your share with that rig by the sounds of it. Very discouraging. We bought our 2003 in the spring of 2007 mainly because of the low mileage & my inability to fix anything. We needed to at least have something as trouble free as possible for as long as we could. It cost us more money than we could afford but so far so good.....touch wood!!!!

  2. Oh those unexpected repairs on the road can be SO discouraging. ACk.... It's great that Mike is able to do the replacement himself. Did you have the extra belts along with you? And when the weather is not being too cooperative either can really get a guy down. Make him a hot cup of cocoa or soup when he gets back in? We are cold here in Wisconsin today too, but no snow yet. I suppose you guys are sending it this way, huh?

  3. Oh, Nooooo, that's just not right! Please be careful and get home safely! We're so sorry about the trouble with the MH!


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