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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog's New Look

I'm pretty lazy about changing something once I've got it all set up such as this blog. But Al from the Bayfield Bunch was starting to make me feel guilty he has been so industrious lately. And thanks to all who commented on the new look. Al and Kelly are heading for Arizona in less than two weeks--good for them, wish we were joining them!

Another warm day, up to 52 degrees. The early morning skies looked very stormy.
Another "up the Boulder" photo.

Fresh bear tracks on an aspen tree near the house.
I spent the day cleaning houses--my own and Joe and Tammy's down the driveway. Joe and his son Jeff are arriving tonight and I hated for them to get here late tonight to a house with lots of yucky dead flies and hornets. For those of you who live in stick built houses, log houses are very prone to infestations of flies and other bugs a couple times a year, fall being one of them. And when the house is not lived in all the time like Joe and Tammy's, the problem is compounded.
Nat came up for lunch and I made meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes. Michael got the motor home all the way up the driveway today, YEA!

Isn't this the sweetest little dog? When we brought her home and I started crate training Emmi I put this stuffed bear in the crate with her--she loves to snuggle up to her bear.

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  1. Al inspires all of us. Your new look is great and like Al pointed out the darker background really makes your photos stand out. We love Emmi. She's sooo cute. We are prior owners of two female Schanuzers.


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