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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Nice Day

Before Emmi I would get up, start the coffee, fire up the computer, let Jazz out and then sit down to read the news online and all the blogs I follow. Well, with Emmi all that gets delayed for a while--she is one fired up ready to play puppy when she gets up. We go outside to do business then come in and play with all her toys for a while before Mom gets her first sip of coffee. I guess she is worth it???

Michael took Emmi for her walk this morning and I got ready to go into town. I had a massage appointment and after that blissful hour I met good friends Jeane and Jill for lunch. I've said before that our choices for eating out in Big Timber are severely limited. We went to the newer coffee house and had a great Reuben sandwich and potato soup, very good!

I drove out to our veterinarian's to deliver some "quilts". When I got the longarm I quilted and quilted on any kind of fabric I could find in the house and anything cheap. Well--then I had all these practice pieces. So I cut them up into smaller blankets and serged around the edges. The vet was very happy to get the "quilts."

On the way back into Big Timber, this was my view of the Crazy Mountains--looks like a storm is coming and it did.

These photos are the reason Michael and I never tire of the drive "up the Boulder."

Michael winterized Joe and Tammy's house and the RV today. He also blew out our sprinkler system and thinks that our backyard sprinklers probably have broken pipes. We just weren't ready for below zero temperatures in early October. Oh, well, we will fix the pipes in the spring.
When I got home from town I cleaned the quilt studio and got a practice piece backing loaded on the machine getting ready for the class I am teaching on Saturday.
Life is good!

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