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Friday, October 2, 2009

A Busy Day

Quilting guild was fun last night, a local quilt shop owner did a presentation on a quilt called the Hunter Star--it was beautiful. This guild has a big quilt show every other year in even years. Every meeting a plea has gone out for volunteers to help with the show. I hadn't volunteered for anything as we are gone 3-4 months each winter and many of the positions require a presence the first part of the year before the show in October. At last night's meeting, a huge plea was made for someone to chair the food concessioner committee. I talked to the guild president after the meeting and we thought it was something I could do--so meet the new chairperson for the food concessions at the Peace by Piece Quilt Guild quilt show in October, 2010.

Marjean and I got home rather late from the meeting and Emmi was glad to see me!

Emmi is terrible about being so excited to see you in the morning when we all get up. She jumps up, wants to be picked up--is just a bundle of joy. Well, this morning, I had one leg in my jeans and Emmi got tangled up in the other leg causing me to fall, hard, landing on my hip and back. We will see how stiff I am tomorrow.

We spent the day getting the motor home ready to leave tomorrow. I cooked spaghetti and tomato soup to take with us. I also baked 3 loaves of the artisan bread--we had to sample one loaf, it was so good. I have always purchased flour at Costco in big 25 pound bags, but it is bleached flour. The recipes in the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day call for unbleached flour. I bought some Montana Wheat Flour the other day and it made a huge difference in the way my bread turned out!

This was our view during our walk this morning.
The bread
This afternoon Michael needed to go down to George and Shirley's to talk to them about how he is going to design and build their fireplace doors. We had a glass of wine while there and Emmi tormented their dog Cedar.
When we got home, we hooked up the Explorer to the motor home, cooked steaks on the grill and gave Emmi a bath--we are ready to roll in the morning.
Montana is under a winter storm watch for Sunday evening with snow accumulation of 1 to 2 feet!!!!

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  1. Do you need my mailing address for the bread. LOL

    I could almost smell it.

    Safe travels and get watch out for the snow!


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