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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Class and Heat Again

Neither of us slept well last night and got up just feeling icky. But, I had a class to teach so I had a few cups of coffee and showered which woke me up a little. Got lunch dishes out, table set and bread set to rise before my student Mary came. We had a great time learning how to use the longarm. I had loaded a huge practice piece and after covering some how to issues, I turned her loose. It is fun to see the delight most people have when they figure out, "hey, I can do this." I had made chicken salad accompanied by grapes and sliced avocados and of course, delicious homemade bread. After lunch Mary quilted for a while then departed. I worked on a quilt for a while then just couldn't go anymore and came upstairs to read.

We have radiant hot water heat in our upstairs tile floors in the kitchen and baths. The same kind of heat is also in our basement floors. Since we came home from Iowa our master bath floors have been frigid--remember the next day after we got home it was 5 below. I have mentioned it to Michael several times and I get the usual plumber's wife answer, meaning I am last in line behind everybody else. Well yesterday I had a small fit and today he fixed my heat!!! Somehow a large amount of air was in those lines going to the bathroom, now the floors are all ready warming!

Emmi and I took a late afternoon walk and took these photos. It has been extremely windy, taking all our frost bitten black leaves off the trees last night and today, now it really looks like winter.

Winter reflections in our little pond.
Our friends Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch left Ontario this morning heading south. Other RVing folks have had a really bad border experience and are still stuck in Canada, denied entrance to the US. Al and Kelly had a wonderful, polite young border agent and sailed right through, tonight they are in Michigan. Safe travels, guys.


  1. Hey, your printing's a lot more legible & it's much easier for me to read now. Thanks for helping out my tired old eyes:))

  2. Oh so nice to have toasty warm toes on your floor... glad he fixed it for you. We are having a lazy day at home, with football (Packers won their game, and the Vikings lost their game--YAY) Glad Al and Kelly made it with no hassles, am going to read their blog next.


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