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Friday, October 9, 2009

On The Road Again

Our classes finished up about noon and we hit the road. Our weather pattern on the way home is nothing to write home about--bitter cold and snow. As Michael has never driven this motor home on snow, he isn't too eager to start. I spoke with Nat, Mike's Dad a few minutes ago and it was 6 degrees at 6pm. Tonight we are once again parked at Lewis and Clark State Recreational Area outside Yankton, SD. It is a beautiful park with lots of fall colors. Tomorrow we are going to go north, yes, north into ND where the weather is not so bitterly cold and there is no snow. We hope to take it easy and reach Billings on Monday night--I have a doctor's appointment and a hair appointment there on Tuesday.

When we got Emmi and I would scold her, Michael would ask her if it was a "woe is me" kind of day, when he would say "woe is me" he would draw out the sounds and it would make Emmi throw back her head and howl--I caught her doing it last night.
We went through a county in Iowa today that had a billboard reading "SAC County Barn Quilt Blocks." I wondered what it was until I saw this quilt block on a barn front--isn't that cool, I want one!
The fall colors in this park are beautiful.

Onward tomorrow.


  1. Enjoying your journey through your blog. I also want a quilt block like that one! Travel safe!

  2. OH.. that barn is just WAY TOO COOL! so those are big panels painted like quilt squares and mounted on the barns? That is so neat! I have seen the round ones by the Pennsylvania Dutch folks, but never a quilt square. Will wonders never cease?

  3. That little Emmi sure is a hoot:))

  4. I am from iowa, i love your blog btw, i ran across it looking at the pics of a puppy i just got and he looks just like yours! anyway, yes we have barn quilts here in iowa, they are very nice, and many different colors and styles! :)


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