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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Touring In the New Car

We couldn't resist taking the little car for a spin yesterday afternoon. Drove into Big Timber to show Nat how we had lost our minds then on a whim called Jill and Terry who met us for dinner at the Timber.

The weather forecast for today was wind, 60ish and sunny so off we went in the little car. We headed west and decided to drive what we call the White Sulphur Springs loop. In the little town of White Sulphur Springs there is this dive of a restaurant that serves great hamburgers and to die for milkshakes, we had hamburgers and resisted the milkshakes.

As we were approaching the turnoff to head east toward Harlowton, Michael asked me how far it was to Niehart. I didn't know but since I was driving, I turned that direction instead--only 38 miles, let's go. A couple of years ago a childhood friend of Michael's, Royal and his wife Nancy purchased a little store in the tiny summer/ski village town of Niehart on top of Showdown mountain pass. Royal decided to name the store the Niehart Inconvenient Store because it was damn inconvenient for him to run the store.

We got to the little store and both Royal and Nancy were there which is unusual and we were delighted to see each other! Nancy usually comes over to open the store on the weekend by herself but Royal came today because they have such an incredible amount of snow--3 feet! The store is an eclectic mix of stuff--groceries, hardware, t-shirts, espresso and some great handmade cards of which I bought several. Nancy and Royal have a six month old border collie/blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix puppy and Emmi was not real sure about this dog with paws the size of saucers. It was so wonderful to see those guys, we spent a couple of hours just visiting before heading back over the mountain toward home.

Nancy and Speck minding the store.
Doesn't that look like a couple of disreputable cowboys??

Speck and Emmi

Look at all that snow!
It was a spectacular day and we had a ball with the new car. The full moon was rising as we drove home.

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