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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buffalo, WY

I had trouble sleeping last night, upset tummy and worrying about the weather today. We were both up while it was still dark and left the campground a little before 8. Last night we (Michael) had made the decision to go up into North Dakota where the weather was just a tad warmer--this morning we decided to go home the quickest way possible, across South Dakota on I94 and down into Wyoming. Dry roads but oh so cold. Poor little Emmi would just shiver when we did our potty walks (I was shivering, too.)

Tonight we are camped in a full service campground in Buffalo, WY. It is too cold to leave the water hose or sewer drain connected. Michael had to thaw the sewer drain cap with my hair dryer before he could get it off so we could both shower. How in the world do the construction workers in this campground live in these tin teepees over the winter?? We had pizza delivered for dinner--it hit the spot, had showers, walked Emmi and are tucked in for the night with all the heaters going. Let's hope it doesn't snow!

This is the scenery around here--looks like winter doesn't it?

Home tomorrow.

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  1. Our computer weather map shows a lot of snow out around your area.....good luck.


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