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Friday, October 9, 2009

No Sleep

Many years ago when I moved into an apartment as a young adult I started sleeping with ear plugs being a very light sleeper. My Daddy used to say I could hear an ant crawl across the floor. The state park where we were camped Wednesday night must have sat right on the railroad track and we just didn't see the tracks when we parked. I swear the ground shook when the trains ran and then there was also the whistle. In reality the train track was over a half mile away. I slept better than Michael due to the ear plugs but he had a miserable night.

Thus our spot we chose for last night. When Michael checked us into the state park he accumulated literature about the area and located another little remote park. During our lunch break yesterday we drove out there--it is located about 10 miles from APQS headquarters. So, we were tucked into our quiet little spot--no trains, just a few cows across the road. When you live 22 miles from anything, you are used to the sound of owls, coyotes, wolves and elk, not the noise of traffic or trains.

Our maintenance classes have been great. APQS longarm quilting machines are made totally in the US--how many other companies can say that about their products?? Amy, the person in charge of maintenance for APQS is so knowledgeable about the machines it is said that you can put a phone up to your running machine and she can diagnosis your problem by sound only. We learned a tremendous amount and have more classes this morning.

Today in Montana the temperature is supposed to drop to 6 degrees with another eight inches of snow accumulating. This is early October, not January!

This nest looks like trouble!
Our quiet little spot for last night.

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  1. Yep, I sure know what you mean by 'night' sounds. Seems no matter where you park in the U.S. chances are you will hear a train whistle somewhere. We once inadvertantly parked in a small State Park near a small airport so we had not only train whistles in the night but coming & going small aircraft as well. We are both light sleepers as well so some nights, especially during storms or strong winds can be kinda miserable!!


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