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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Across South Dakota

It was slow going this morning. Michael got up about 4am and took Emmi outside--she was howling. The two of them then came back to bed and wonder of wonders we all went back to sleep not waking up until close to 7am. So we didn't leave the park until after 9. Oh, well.

We decided to leave the interstate and travel the back roads today and it was wonderful. We passed sunflower and corn fields, up and down the hills--it was a beautiful drive. Emmi was such a good girl, too. No potty accidents.

In a small SD town we paid $2.49 for fuel, the lowest we have paid in a long time, we are getting about 6.5 miles to the gallon.

About 6pm we arrived at a beautiful state park, Lewis and Clark State Recreational Area on Lewis and Clark Lake outside of Yankton, SD. Miles of walking trails which Emmi and I took advantage of while Michael got the setup done.

When's lunch Mom???

Not the greatest picture of the sunflowers taken out the window of the RV. When Sept. 11 happened, I was working and traveling--I happened to be in Fargo, ND. As no planes were flying, I decided to take my rental car and drive home, I remember driving through miles and miles of sunflower fields.
We will have a short 250 mile drive tomorrow to a COE park on Saylorville Lake outside Des Moines, Iowa.


  1. Cute Emmi lunch pic. Not sure but I think we get 8 to 10 mph on our gasser Workhorse 8.1 Chevy Vortec engine. It depends on headwinds or tailwinds. We generally like to travel the backroads as well only using the interstates when necessary or trying to make up time.

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute can a puppy get! I know that look, just saw one like it this morning.

    Wishing you continued safe and trouble free travels!


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