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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not As We Planned

This is how we ended the day!

Michael got the belts back on and we went up the road again but not very far. We made it only a little over 150 miles before we were left sitting on the side of the freeway. We called Good Sam and it was over three and a half hours before the wrecker got there. The kid driving the wrecker was great, he attempted to fix our problem for close to two hours before he gave up and decided to tow us. We left the motor home behind in Billings in the wrecking company's secure lot. Michael and the young man that towed us think there is a problem with our air driven throttle and with the shifting mechanism freezing. We are going to Billings on Tuesday for doctor and hair appointments, hopefully the weather will be better by then and it will run.

We arrived home a little after 8pm to a frozen wasteland and a very cold house--we had left a little heat on but not enough for the house to be toasty when we walked in with temperatures in the teens. Unloaded the Explorer and have collapsed, Emmi included. We are both so discouraged.

Our wonderful "fall" weather.
Looks like about two feet and this snow fell a week ago, didn't get very warm while we were gone, did it.


  1. I am telling you one more is time to head south! LOL

    Hugs to you both. We are so glad you made it home safe.

  2. Stay safe & warm and the rest will come together....Hugs.....Jim & Ellie


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