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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Change in the Weather

The problem we are having with the motor home is air related. An air line feeds the throttle and this air line got moisture in it and froze, so no throttle, no go. Michael had never heard of an air fed throttle and none of our friends who have driven and owned big trucks has either. But, today was an awesome day--by 3pm, it was 60 degrees. We left Big Timber after taking Emmi to the vet for her shots, drove to Billings, picked up the motor home and were back home by 1pm. YEA, the motor home is home! It is still sitting at the base of our driveway in front of our former garage cause our driveway is still icy, but it is at least "up the Boulder."

YEA, the Crazy Mountains are in site, we are getting close to home!

Monday morning it was 5 below, today it is 60 degrees and the white stuff is melting fast. The sunshine made the mountains breathtaking today. These are the Crazy Mountains north of Big Timber and this is Nat's view from the windows of his house near Big Timber.
Driving up the Boulder was wonderful this afternoon, I kept wanting to stop and take photos.

Emmi is a happy girl today, too, she can be outside again.


  1. Oh you answered my question from yesterday's blog. Glad the motorhome is back safe and sound. Good thing your handy hubby was able to figure it out. LOVED your photos of the scenery, it looks almost like a painting! Just Awesome!

  2. Those photos & your weather are very reminiscent of early SPRING days. Betcha there was a pretty nice feeling in the air. And hey, I see some great changes here to your blog:))

  3. Yay! We're so glad the motorhome is Up The Boulder! Maybe Mike can figure out a way to keep that from happening in the future. Gorgeous pics, even though it still looks cold!


  4. Love the new chocolate color. The mountains are beautiful. Love ya

  5. I love your new blog look. I am glad you are home safe and so is the motor home.

    I love the picutres of the mountains and the snow.

    Give Emmi a hug for us. I know she is growing like a weed.


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