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Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day of Travel

We finished packing early this morning and Michael took Emmi for a walk while I finished loading the refrigerator stuff into the motor home. We left about 9:30am.

Drove all day without any problems with the motor home until somewhere outside of Gillette, WY. For some reason Michael decided to check inside the engine compartment and one of the alternator belts was gone--?? So, I started up the laptop, logged on to Verizon and found the closest NAPA store. What did we do before the internet? I told the young man who answered the phone that we were towing a car with a motor home, how was his parking? Plenty of room he said and he was right. Michael got the belts and off we went about 50 miles up the road to Sundance, WY and the Mountain View RV Park. While I walked Emmi Michael got the belts back on.

It is cold here, 35 degrees. I warmed up the spaghetti I had made, fixed a salad and toasted some of the homemade bread. Along with a glass of wine, we had a fabulous meal!

We are all tucked in for the night except for one last Emmi walk, snug and warm.


  1. I'm glad you found the needed parts for the motorhome and had a safe trip. Stay warm! brrr! It was chilly here on the coast today, but sunny!

  2. Nice to be on the road again I bet. Whereabouts are you headed?? You are very fortunate to have a mechanical husband. The only belt I've ever been able to get on anything is the one that goes round my waste, and even that is getting harder to do.........


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