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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Did I Do Anything Today??

My sister sent an e-mail this morning asking who was reading my blog from these small towns in Arkansas. I have no clue who most of the people are who read my blog; I just know that an large number of people seem to find our boring lives interesting!

We went for a chilly walk this morning but at least the sun was out. After the walk I got in high gear; vacuumed the house, dusted the furniture, took a shower and cooked lunch. In between all that I worked on an outline for a quilting class I am teaching on Saturday.

Our friend Jim put horses back on the land that adjoins us and they were very curious this morning. I played with this photograph in my photo editing software and made it kind of black and white--I liked it. Mike could never get the one horse to turn his head around and look our way.

A little after 2p my friend Jeane showed up and we had a paper piecing lesson, she made a cute little bear. We also worked on some of her computer issues. I helped with photo editing stuff and some internet problems.
I read on my niece's Facebook page today that my great niece Elizabeth is doing a little better--she has the flu. The school she attends was not giving their flu shots until Tuesday of this week--Elizabeth woke up sick Sunday morning, what was that school thinking??? Love you Elizabeth and hope you are feeling much better soon.


  1. When I read your blog, it says I am coming from Vilonia so I don't think you can trust the feed. I have really enjoyed reading your boring life. Love you, Mary Ellen

  2. Yep, I like that horse picture alright. Could be just my eyes but I find your font color a tad faint to read. Blog's lookin good though:))

  3. Hi Janna, I read your blog from Layton, UT. My husband and I RV, honeymooned in MT, and I also quilt. I read your blog because I like the way you write about your boring life. LOL

  4. I'm generally reading from Searcy, but since I'm on DSL, it shows up as coming from Little Rock. When I am using the air card, I have seen it even come up from Arlington, TX! I enjoy your blog for several reasons: first, your Arkansas ties, secondly, because I love the Montana area, and third, we have an older motorhome and a new puppy, also! Keep writing! Debbie


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