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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This and That

Another hot one in Montana! We unloaded a few things from the motor home and did the laundry. A non potty trained puppy generates multiple loads of laundry such as rugs. Emmi was doing so well at home before we left on the trip to Cheyenne and I think the motor home confuses her. Maybe we will get straightened out again now that we are home for a couple of weeks.

But, how could you be mad at something so sweet as this?? She and Dad were taking a lunchtime nap. (Sorry Ross)
After lunch I went downstairs and started ripping out the stitching in my "bear" quilt. UGH--not an easy thing to do for sure, and now I have a lower back ache from bending over the quilt trying to see. I just wasn't happy with the way it looked and knew that if I left the stitching the way it was, I would never be happy with the quilt.

We have a huge infestation of grasshoppers now that it is so hot and dry and the grasshoppers drive Emmi crazy. She spends a lot of time chasing and not catching--in this photo you can see the grasshopper flying up and out right in front of her.
Laci called her Mom and Dad this morning about 7am from Germany--she has gotten that far.

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