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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home from Hungry Horse

Saturday morning it was still raining and had rained most of the night--plus it was only 48 degrees. It is next to impossible to potty train a puppy in the rain especially one that seems to be flunking potty training!

While eating my Polebridge cinnamon roll with berry filling for breakfast I tried to talk Michael into going back to Polebridge but nope, he was ready to head home as was I. We took our time getting ready and left about 10am.

Drove through showers and wind most of the day and about 80 miles from Hungry Horse near Seeley Lake saw this scene on the mountains---yes, that is fresh snow. The aspen leaves are also starting to change in this area.

Mike's Mom and Dad lived in Seeley Lake before her death and it is a beautiful area.

The motorhome performed great yesterday and I even drove for a while--I think I can do that!

We didn't get home until about 8pm and were pooped, unloading only the necessities. Today we have unloaded some more and Michael is working on some motorhome "issues". The steps have all of a sudden decided to not extend completely making them very narrow and dangerous! When this motorhome was built in 1988, the curtains used to cover the front windshield were installed as electric. At first I thought, "how cool" but now I think, "what a pain." We like to boondock without hookups, electric curtains are just one more thing for which you must use power. So, Michael made them non-electric this morning, YEA!

Nat came for lunch and I made a great meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes. It was 36 degrees this morning, it is cloudy and there is a very cold wind blowing--what happened to summer???

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  1. I guess with those pastries in Polebridge it's a good thing we didn't make it over there, that cinnamon roll didn't sound point-friendly!

    Snow! Say it ain't're right, what happened to summer!

    Take care, stay warm!


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