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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flying Geese and Snakes

This is the quilt I have been trying to finish in between puppy sitting. It belongs to my 78 year old Aunt Margaret and it is a beautiful quilt with a flying geese pattern. Aunt Margaret is a prolific quilter probably finishing a quilt a week if not more--my Uncle has Parkinson's disease and is confined to a wheelchair with my aunt providing the majority of his care. I think quilting keeps her sane. Her quilts are always so perfect, same size top, middle and bottom which makes them a pleasure to quilt. I called this quilt the "girly, girl" quilt because it was so feminine.

This is the backside of the quilt.Michael laid lots of rocks on the face of the garage today and in the afternoon he worked on our motorhome installing a water filter and chlorinating the water tank.

We can't quiet figure out what our neighbors are doing. See that big brown spot--this field is across the road and river from us and was newly plowed and planted this spring; it was really starting to look nice and green--now they are plowing the crop under???

An August full moon over Enos Mountain last night.
Fireweed in bloom.

On one of my many trips back into the house after taking Emmi out to potty I stepped onto the deck and startled a little snake--have I mentioned I hate snakes--I screamed so loud Michael heard me over the noise of the running motorhome! I had Emmi in my arms and my scream scared the daylights out of her.
Almost got another quilt loaded onto the machine this afternoon. Emmi has her first vet appointment in the morning.

OK, brother dear, were those photos better?? Love you!

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  1. I would have screamed louder than you.....:)...See you guys soon.....Jim


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