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Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Updates From Hungry Horse

On Thursday after leaving our friends we stopped at the Visitor's Center at Hungry Horse Dam. Legend has it that two draft horses wandered away from logging camp one winter and when found in the spring were skinny and starved but recovered--these two "hungry horses" gave a creek and the dam the name Hungry Horse.

There were two nests in tall burned trees along the water's edge, a forest fire swept thru this area in 2003, both nests contained young osprey.
Still raining on Friday. We headed out to Polebridge having read many articles about the remoteness and beauty. We didn't see much beauty as it was pouring rain and the road was incredibly teeth jarring--probably worse than some of our Sweet Grass County roads. Fourteen miles of this road and we arrived at Polebridge with what seemed like the rest of the world, the place was packed. The little general store has a bakery and some of the best rolls and pastries we have ever tasted--amazing, out in the middle of nowhere!

Headed back over that awful road and stopped at the Apgar Visitor Center in Glacier National Park for a few minutes. The weather is terrible, we are running the furnace in the RV to stay warm and I feel sorry for the people a few campsites from us camped in tents!
We had grilled brats and hamburgers for dinner along with some corn on the cob and tomatoes we picked up at a local farmer's market.

Our campsite.
One of the photos Jim took of Emmi on Thursday, she fought with that branch for several minutes getting soaked.

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  1. HEY!! we've been to polebridge! Did they ask y'all to stay for the elk burgers and beer drinkin later on that night? We were invited to stay but decided we would take our chances else where.


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