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Monday, August 10, 2009

Blue Lake Trip

We were to have left for Glacier National Park this morning but last Thursday when Lonn and LoraLee came for dinner, Lonn made us an offer we couldn't refuse--a trip to Blue Lake on ATV's.

We have the good fortune to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country and today's trip was no exception. We have been to Blue Lake but only on snow machines and the entire landscape was extremely white. Today it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Our home is 22 miles from Big Timber, we drove an additional 14 miles up the Boulder Canyon on a not so great road and unloaded the ATV's. There were six of the ATV's and LoraLee rode with Charlie, a young man who is both a friend and an employee; the rest of us rode individual ATV's. 24 miles of teeth rattling road later, through gorgeous scenery, along the Boulder River and we arrived at Blue Lake. Michael estimates that we were at 9500 feet--it was cool, we needed jackets and the mosquitoes were hummingbird sized and hungry.

We enjoyed a picnic on the shore, drank in the view and marveled at our good fortune. We took Emmi and she played with the other two dogs along on the trip, Zip and Gus. Emmi rode in a milk crate on the front of Michael's ATV--at times she rode inside his coat.

Our granddaughter Katie and her boyfriend (a very nice young man) Mike.
Leaving after one of our rest stops. Notice Emmi's little head poking out of Michael's jacket.

Blue Lake
Blue Lake--Nancy, no global warming going on up there--those snow banks will still be there when the snow flies again.

Another view of Blue Lake.

Although we are exhausted couch potatoes tonight, we are both so glad Lonn invited us on this trip, we had a ball.
Tomorrow we head out in the motorhome on its inaugural trip to Glacier National Park. There may not be any blog posts for a few days, we will see.


  1. WOW! Beautiful country in our backyard. I would love to go see that part of our neighborhood.
    Thanks for the views. Have fun in Glacier.
    love, Nancy and Geoff

  2. Nice ATV trip pics. Safe trip to Glacier NP:)) Emmin's gonna love all the traveling room in the rig. We always put water down for our guys while driving because they sometimes seem to get extra thirsty.

  3. thththththththth. Wish I lived there!! I love and miss you.


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