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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There May Be Hope

As I type this at about 6pm, we have been Emmi accident free today and she is even acting as if she "gets it." Jeane and I were enjoying a glass of wine out on the deck and Emmi got this look on her face and took off for the end of the deck that leads into the yard, her potty spot. I was so proud of her for not doing it on my deck.

Michael worked on the motor home again today and thinks he has the majority of the problems kind of fixed. He did get the steps fixed!

I made some business phone calls today and tried to quilt for a while but Emmi had other ideas and needed attention.

After lunch my friend Jeane came up bearing her new Dell laptop ready for a computer lesson. Jeane is computer savvy but would like to learn more about moving photos around and inserting them into various internet applications so we spent about 3 hours playing. After computer school we had a glass of wine and gossiped. Jeane was one of the first friends of Michael's that I met after moving here and I treasure her friendship.

Today's Emmi photo.

How's this for a nice buck?? He was up on the hill above our house probably waiting for me to go inside so he can come down and snack on my flowers again!
Another beautiful almost fall Montana day.

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