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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Laci Is Off To Iraq

Laci ended up in the emergency room last night, she did indeed have strep throat--they loaded her full of antibiotics, steroids and pain pills and she was taken back to her room to sleep. Her roommate Tasha was wonderful in deciding that Laci did indeed need to see a doctor and notifying the Air Force powers in charge.

So, we changed our plans and decided to meet up with her for breakfast which we did about 8:30. Then we said our sad goodbyes--my heart hurts to send her off to that god forsaken country to help fight a war we should never have entered into in the first place. Michael and I totally support our military. This war was a mistake and the lives of many of our military men and women are being lost for an effort that will not have success--where will it end.

Tonight we pray that Laci and other persons in the military will be returned safe to us and their families.

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  1. Our prayers are also with Laci, all the other service people, and you....Safe travels & Hugs....Jim & Ellie


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