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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Covering Up The Gray

We packed up Emmi and her crate this morning early and headed to Nat's where Emmi got to spend the day. She and Granddad had one tiny potty accident, the rest of the day she was a good girl.

Michael and I continued on to Billings where I spent almost 3 hours getting my hair cut and colored. I am not a patient person to start with and by the time I am finished with this process, I am rearing to go. The price of vanity! I have tried to just let the gray show but unlike my sister Ann, I am just too vain for that!

We had lunch at CJ's, delicious, Michael had his usual burger and I had my usual brisket sandwich. After lunch it was on to Costco and Wal Mart for groceries.

Emmi can really wiggle when she is happy, she wiggled and wiggled when she saw me this afternoon. I think she was glad to see me.

Not quiet as warm today but sunny. Michael thinks he may have found a radiator--a used one at a semi truck wrecking yard. The company that makes our motor home chassis quoted us a price of over $5000 for a new one, that's not installed!!! This used one that Michael is almost sure he can make work--$175!!! Have I said lately I am so glad I am married to Michael who can fix anything!!

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  1. I am with you about the hair color!

    Wish you guys were with us. We cooked part of those brats when Rod and Deb came over. Yummy



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