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Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Came Back

Whew, this is probably our hottest day so far this summer, over 90 but no humidity. I've got the ceiling fans going and the awning out to shade the front of the house--it is comfortable in here.

We spent a large portion of the morning moving equipment down to the barn on our former place. Joe and Tammy are allowing us to rent the building in exchange for our help such as turning the water on and off into their house, spraying weeds and cleaning the house right before they are due to arrive. We are storing the dually truck, tractors, motorcycles, etc. It will be nice to have all that stuff inside during the winter.

After lunch I spent some time getting meals ready for our trip we are starting on Sunday. Our granddaughter Laci seen here over a year ago when she graduated from high school---
is deploying to Iraq on Tuesday of next week out of Cheyenne, WY and we are going down to send her off. It makes me sick to think of her going over there but she is in the military, we can only hope and pray that she and her fellow soldiers stay safe.

More recycled photos, sure hope Canon hurries up with my camera!

Burros in Custer State Park in September last year.

Buffalo in Custer State Park.
And, a little snow to cool us off on this hot day.

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  1. we could send you 40% humidity and that would be half of what we have:)...Have a safe trip and come on up to Washsington when you see Laci off...She and her fellow soldiers are in our prayers...Hugs....Jim & Ellie


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