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Monday, August 3, 2009


Today was gutter install day. The front roof line of Joe and Tammy's house (our former house) never had gutters and all the years of moisture draining onto the deck was taking its toll. So, we installed gutters across the front of the house. It was hot after the sun got to us--Emmi went along and stayed in her crate very nicely.

As we were working we heard an eagle screech--several small birds were tormenting him and he was protesting.

Emmi came alive when we got home and was wild--we played in the grass for a while then came inside and played some more then she headed to her crate for another nap to gain more energy for keeping me up at night, I am sure! We aren't sleeping too well some nights, I think I fed her too late last night so we were up to potty at 2:30am--ugh! We may try the crate again tonight, she is great about going into it during the day to nap.

It is very hazy today, could mean we have a forest fire somewhere or it could just be humidity but I doubt it.

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