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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Day In Cheyenne

The plan was for Laci to do her Air Force stuff this morning and then call me. I would pick Laci and a friend up at the Holiday Inn and we would go have lunch and go shopping. When I arrived at the HI about 11am, only Laci got in the car and her first question to me was, "Grandma, what does strep throat feel like?" She had white patches on the back of her throat and could hardly swallow, was achy all over and probably had a temperature. Back to the RV for antibiotics, to lunch for some soup and then I took her back to the Holiday Inn to rest. She has a meeting at 5:30pm and then we will go and say our goodbyes. Poor kid, she is miserable and will be flying for 30 hours around the world starting tomorrow afternoon.

I came back out to Larry and Joyce's to find Michael eating ice cream. He and Larry had had no luck in finding an air conditioner cover to replace the one we lost on the way down yesterday. So, we spent the afternoon being bums and it was wonderful. I was asleep on the couch and the rain blowing in the window woke me up--rain was blowing in everywhere.

I was going to make Laci a going away dinner of steaks, potatoes and her favorite salad of mine--lettuce, almonds, mandarin oranges and homemade poppy seed dressing but those plans went by the wayside and now Larry, Joyce, Mike and I will enjoy the above.

Larry and Joyce's Scooter--when we were all down in San Antonio, TX Scooter and Jazz were not fond of each other.
Pete the cat made himself right at home on our steps.
Larry and Joyce have a beautiful home in the country outside Cheyenne.

Emmi and Scooter liked each other.

When we were leaving last night with Laci, Mike noticed a pack rat leaping down out of our engine compartment, the rat must have ridden all the way from Montana with us. We watched with dismay as he jumped up and back into our engine compartment. Well, this morning, Larry came out of the garage carrying a live trap containing a very unhappy pack rat. Larry keeps the trap baited with cat food all the time to catch the feral cats that come around and harass their cat Pete. So Mr. Pack Rat will not get a free ride back to Montana.
It is cool and misting rain as we sit here snug as bugs in our motor home.

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