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Monday, August 31, 2009

Got the Radiator

Home finally at almost 8pm! It was a busy, busy day today. Our first stop early this morning was the veterinarians for Emmi's second round of shots and a rabies injection. The vet clinic was very busy, an emergency with 4 horses that had gotten into cattle feed that contained some ingredient that was very poisonous to horses. So, we left and Michael dropped me off for my massage and went back to the clinic. He said Emmi was not impressed again with the thermometer business nor the injections.

Then it was off to Billings. Remember the $5000 vs $150 radiator story a few days ago--well when we got to the wrecking yard, Michael found a radiator he thought would work better and the price of it was $75!!! So we hauled home a used radiator.

The steel yard was our next stop where Michael purchased a 1000lbs of steel for such projects as a set of fireplace doors for our neighbors and a shorter table for my longarm machine.

A very quick stop at Costco and we were headed home. Emmi was a good girl most of the day, she got a little restless before we got home--we were all glad to get here!

Here's Emmi in the basket again, I finally put it away--the damage is done, Jazz started it but Emmi was making great headway on finishing up the destruction.
Michael's daughter Shannen called this morning and over the weekend our youngest granddaughter Kristen won a rodeo in Sheridan, WY. The prize was a saddle and a $2000 scholarship--she is only 10 years old so the money will be place in a CD--I always said Shannen was born sitting on the back of a horse and it looks like this child was too!

The news from Laci is that it is hot in Iraq, 105 degrees at 11pm!!

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