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Friday, August 1, 2014

Wow, Wow and More Wow

All day yesterday the only word we all seemed to know was “wow!!”  We left home late Wednesday evening with both rigs, ATVs in tow headed “up the Boulder” to give the truck campers a trial run.  We also wanted to show Geri and Larry some gorgeous Montana country.

Our campsites were on the Boulder River--


After the leveling process—geez, that’s a big deal when you are in a pickup camper—the truck has to be level and there is no button to push like the one in our Country Coach motorhome Smile we had happy hour and dinner by the river.  The mosquitoes once again were vicious—my legs look as if I have chicken pox—guess we were practicing for Alaska!! Smile

After a good nights’ sleep we were up and out on the ATVs bright and early heading for Blue Lake—23 miles of rock climbing, bouncing and jouncing before the lake comes into view.  Every one of those 23 miles is some of the most scenic we’ve ever seen—and right in our own backyard!


Larry and Geri have been all over this country but they too were in awe of our backyard—we had lunch by the lake and started the descent—another 23 miles of bouncing and jouncing over rocks and through puddles and streams. 





At times we rode in full sun, at times we donned rain gear but it never did really rain very much.  We all wore jackets most of the day—as you can see there is still snow around the lake at that elevation. 

It was a spectacular day—one for the memory book!  Back at camp we enjoyed another wonderful happy hour and dinner; we even had some unexpected guests—our friends Doug and Jane drove by in their Ranger—I waved my arms and they stopped to visit for a while.  This morning we headed for home as we had some business to transact only to find out it had been postponed until Saturday—dang it, we could have stayed another day!!! 

Our great-grandchild is being a little stubborn—due July 28, she has yet to grace us with her presence.  Mom is more than ready for her appearance as are the rest of us!!  Larry and Geri are leaving in the morning, making a start to Great Falls with some sight seeing on the way.  We will meet up with them in Great Falls later in the week. 


  1. What a beautiful back yard you have. One day I am determined to bring our horses and do some riding. Come on Great Grandbaby. It is time to come and meet your family. I can't wait for a picture.

  2. Wow, breathtaking!

  3. Awesome backyard you have for sure!

  4. Will you be taking the ATVs to Alaska with you?

  5. Wow indeed! Nice "practice" for Alaska :-).

    I think the granddaughter is establishing who will be in charge from now on.......

  6. Say, I could sure use some of those good old western Wow, Wow & Wows right about now.

  7. We think about the upper Boulder all the time. Truly beautiful country.


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