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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It’s A Long Way To Prince Rupert

Early Monday morning we left Lynne and Roger’s exquisite campground—I think Larry was the saddest to leave:

IMG_0152Lynne was very generous with the apple pie and ice cream portions!

Onward we traveled Monday trying to put some miles under our tires.  In Kamloops we visited Costco stocking up on traveling food, aka junk food, for the guys.  We ended up near Quesnel for the night, staying at a Canadian provincial park.  It was hot, what’s up with this weather???  The farther north we go the hotter it seems to get—as I type this blog we are in Smithers, BC, it is 90 degrees and we have the air conditioners running!  Thank goodness for municipal parks with full hookups!!  Geri made dinner last night—beef brats and salad—sure hit the spot! 

Today we stopped earlier than we usually do—I think it was a little longer than Geri and Larry usually travel—we have just about three hours travel time tomorrow to reach our destination for the next couple days.  We are all very excited and hope the animals cooperate at our next stop—more on that later!!


Monday we stopped to stretch our legs at a Canadian Heritage site at 108 mile house.  The cowboy and I have been there before and wanted Larry and Geri to see it.  The old log barn was built in the early 1900’s to house one hundred Clydesdale horses! 


IMG_0173Tonight’s spot along a beautiful river surrounded by all these stunning flowers—every town we traveled through has the most beautiful flower displays—hanging baskets and other containers—Jeane you would be in heaven!IMG_0175

IMG_0176IMG_0178Stay tuned for more adventures!


  1. I like the sod roof on that one building.

  2. Maybe because the growing season is so short the flowers are that much more appreciated. Have fun on your next adventure!!!

  3. I remember the flowers from our trip to Banff a few years ago. Beautiful, indeed. Yep, we need more details, as I'm taking notes.

  4. Those are some sturdy looking buildings - look like they could survive just about anything!! I see it's raining in Congress today, with a high of 87. Yesterday it was only 5 degrees cooler in Seattle than here in SoCal. Thank goodness for A/C - it is the great equalizer :-). Enjoy your travels - the long days and the short ones.

  5. Great trip through some beautiful country.

  6. I can't believe you're already in Smithers! You're making great time on your trek north.


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