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Monday, August 4, 2014

Departure Date Is Nearing

We’ve been scurrying around like little beavers all day long!  Michael had a honey do list a mile long and he finished all that list before his Dad showed up for lunch—steaks on the grill, oven fries, green peas and homemade ice cream.  Nat is always sad to see us go but this time I hope to brighten his days while we are away—I’ve found a new app for the iPad called PhotoCard.  Set up an account, buy some credits, take a photo with the iPad and this app converts that photo to a postcard.  You can address the card and write a message.  Each card you send costs a certain amount of credits and someone out there in cyberspace mails the card for you—I’ll let you know how it works. 

This afternoon we drove to town and ran a bunch of last minute errands one 0f which was to drop off this quilt to its owner—the vice president of our local bank.  This is just the coolest quilt—three dimensional—gorgeous!!!




IMG_1883I thought about keeping it but decided that might not be in the best interest of our financial well being?????

When we got back from town we ran up to Nancy and Geoff’s—Nancy is baby sitting my geraniums while we are gone—we enjoyed a glass of wine with them before heading home to finish up some last minute stuff. 

It was an almost fall like day—cool, cloudy, some rain. 


  1. I know it took a long time to piece together all that fabric to make the colorful top sheet bug on that quilt... But your work quilting it is what makes it stand out like that! So you could have either made it or broke it... I'm sure they will be really proud of the job you did.....

  2. I saw those Photo Card guys on Shark Tank. I am a camera junkie and I appreciate the chance to use my photos. I make photo gift tags for my Christmas presents. This is fun for the little kids that still can't read their name. I hope ya'll have a great Alaskan adventure.

  3. I agree with Rod. Your quilting made the quilt what it is. You do very nice work!! I'm thinking I should get a quilt top ready for next year and when we visit the grandkids in Polson we drop it off by you. Beautiful job!

  4. OMG... Janna that quilt is spectacular, the quilting just makes the butterfly pop. Would you consider sharing the photo in a quilting group on Facebook? The newbie's (myself included) will just flip!

  5. I agree with the earlier comment on how the quilting you did really brought out the beauty of the butterfly, especially since there was so much background. Gorgeous work, Janna!

  6. Love the postcard idea - a great way to share photos in a really personal way :-). Will have to check it out! Your quilts have really opened my eyes to the unlimited variety of this medium. The color choices for the butterfly are truly unique and your quilting......well, it's all been said :-).

  7. Beautiful quilt, the skill involved is amazing and a long way from the simple squares I do. Looking forward to traveling to Alaska with you thru your blog.
    Safe travels.

  8. That quilt is just amazing. What a fantastic job you did on it. I'll be looking forward to your review of the postcard site.

  9. We're just back from our mid-British Columbia lake cabin holiday with our kids and their kids. With no internet and cell service, I was certain we would be reading about the birth of your grand baby, once back.

    You guys seem to be completely ready for the Alaska journey. How exciting that is!

  10. Janna, your quilting is EXQUISITE!! You took this quilt to a whole other level!!
    Well done!


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