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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Prince Rupert to Ketchikan

UPDATE:  This is the second of two blogs I’ve written tonight.

Goodness, who ever invented 4:15am ferry departure times????  We were all up in the dark packing our backpacks and getting ready to drive onto the ferry.  Our trip through US customs was uneventful for both of us and all of a sudden we were on board.  Ms. Emmi was a trooper—she had to remain inside the truck camper but we think she slept the six hour trip away!  Skies were gloomy and there was a light mist falling but when we arrived in Ketchikan, the weather gods smiled upon us giving us one of Ketchikan’s rare sunny days.

IMG_0343Note the cowboy is minus his hat, it was a little too windy onboard the ferry for a cowboy hat!IMG_0348

Ketchikan gets 154 inches of rain per year, it’s been raining all day and as I type this blog it is still pouring!!!—for us to have had a sunny day was nothing short of a miracle!! 

IMG_0361IMG_0360Oh, no!!!  A Disney cruise ship, one of three cruise ships which docked during our time in Ketchikan, turning tiny downtown Ketchikan into a zoo!!!


We found a place to park finally and had a bite of lunch before taking off on a walking tour—lots of totem poles and fish—yep, everywhere you look there are salmon swimming upstream getting ready to spawn or dead after spawning.  We saw this cute sign on the side of a building:

IMG_0409Seems the men of early day Ketchikan would sneak up this trail:

IMG_0373for a visit to either Dolly’s or Annie’s!



IMG_0410Even the benches have fish themes!

After our parking lot camping experience and ferry ride, we were all tee totally exhausted Saturday night—our campsite in Last Chance USFS campground was awesome, creek side, dark and quiet—we all slept very, very well! 


IMG_0427In one of the campsites a large spruce tree had been cut—someone with a very artistic chainsaw had carved the remaining stump!


Today we took a boat excursion to Misty Fjord National Monument—as it was raining it was a perfect way to spend most of the day.  More on that awesome trip in the next blog!  Tonight we are not street camping but rather parking lot camping, Larry and Geri are in lane 3 ready to board the ferry at 2am and we are in lane 2—more tomorrow I hope, our Millenicom internet has not worked well up until tonight.  Our Straight Talk phone does not work at all in Alaska!


  1. How exciting to see where you land next. Nice picture of you & the Cowboy, if he was holding Ms. Emmi it would be perfect. Safe sailing. Becki

  2. What's a cowboy without his hat?

  3. I'm not sure how you made it through the day without a nap. Good thing you kept an eye on your guys with Dolly and Annie waiting for them.

  4. 2:30 AM to catch a boat? Definitely don't want to have too much wine the evening before. Well remember our visit to Ketchikan back in 08. A clerk told Wanda her work day was from thirty minutes before the first cruise ship arrived, until thirty minutes after the last one departed. We loved walking all the back streets built over the streams.

  5. That ferry ride looks very chilly but the sunny skies waiting for you in Ketchikan were wonderful! I imagine this time of year there are not many days without a cruise ship nearby. Those early mornings are brutal - hope there aren't too many more of them :-). Perfect shot of you two.

  6. It is nice to follow along. We were in those areas several years ago and your photos and stories bring back nice memories.

  7. Awesome photo of you and the Cowboy! You are having so much fun and I am loving your photos. Keeping Larry from getting arrested must be a full-time job...just kidding!


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