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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This Time It’s Parking Lot Waiting

We woke this morning to a very low tide and intense fog—pea soup!!  Our ferry was to have departed for Juneau at 9:15am but when arriving at the terminal at 7:30 for check-in, we were informed the ferry was delayed until who knows when!  So, we are meeting and greeting our neighbors in the ferry parking lot—you learn a bunch doing this—what campgrounds to use, where to eat, sights to see.  We talked to a very nice couple from New York—they are heading south on the ferries as we are going north.


Two main modes of transportation here in southeast Alaska, plane and boat.  The float planes are plentiful but the boats are everywhere!


Everyone we talked to here in the parking lot who came from Juneau saw lots and lots of whales, now that the fog has burned off, it’s a photo perfect day in Alaska and we hope to see tons of whales on our trip north to Juneau.  The southbound ferry is loading and then they will load us—maybe just a hour later than we should have departed???


Here is a better photo of our parking lot camping experience in the lanes at the Prince Rupert ferry terminal.  I thought I had inadvertently deleted the photos but later found them on my iPad. 

Parking lot camping-001

I am setting this blog to publish Wednesday night just in case our late ferry departure causes us to be campground searching.


  1. Great Alaska scenes:) Still a nice place to have to wait.

  2. I wonder if Johnny Horton had a ferry ride in mind when he sang the song 'North To Alaska' :))

  3. Glad to see the loading times are getting a lot later.....even without the hour's delay! The plane and boat pic really feels like Alaska for some reason, love it. So smart (and fun) to learn more from your parking lot neighbors - make lemonade baby!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing some whale pics!


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