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Saturday, August 23, 2014


We were in Juneau from Wednesday, August 20, until Saturday morning, August 23.  I think all four of us have decided we could have given Juneau a pass and we did cut our visit short by one day.  The airlines could take lessons in customer service from Alaska Marine Highways.  Oh, you want to change your reservation, “no problem,”  oh, you want to cancel a portion of it, “no problem, we will charge you a percentage based cancel fee ($21!) and refund you the remainder!” 

Juneau is in a beautiful setting but there are way, way too many tourists for our comfort levels!  The Mendenhall Glacier run by the USFS was a nightmare—tourists everywhere, rude, obnoxious tourists everywhere!  I almost came to blows with some nitwit who was allowing his brats to kick gravel at Emmi scaring her to death.  The one mile path out to Nugget Falls—a stupendous waterfall which comes from the head of the glacier (I think), was as if we were on a racetrack—people dashing past us as if they had to reach the falls before any one of the other 500 people ahead of us did!  On coming people walking three to four abreast would not yield to allow you to pass—it was a nightmare!!  There was absolutely no parking, a less than helpful park ranger told me to park on the side of the road.  YUCK to the whole experience!

IMG_0863Mendenhall Glacier from the campground, we should have been happy with that view.IMG_0872


Mendenhall Campground run by the USFS on the other hand was a delight—very few people in the park this time of year, quiet, dark—perfect!

After our glacier disaster we were in need of a little peace and decided to visit the Shrine of St. Therese, built in the late 1930’s.  There is a chapel along with Stations of the Cross, a labyrinth and


other structures in a beautiful setting right by the ocean.  Very quiet and restful!

Friday we braved public transportation—bus riding doesn’t happen in Montana or Custer, SD—we parked at the Nugget Mall and hopped aboard a bus heading to downtown Juneau having read that parking was non-existent unless you were driving a small car.  IMG_0918There were four cruise ships in port when we arrived but all the other tourists must have been off sightseeing on the float planes or off to Mendenhall Glacier—downtown was not the zoo we expected. 

We toured the Alaska State Capitol—we were the only people on the tour and a delightful young man named Matt escorted us.

IMG_0949Alaska is a big state!!IMG_0954And we had a delightful lunch at the Flight Deck watching all the float planes take off with the cruise ship folks.  Those cruise ships are incredibly huge—floating cities I do believe!



We tried to visit the Greek Orthodox church, a tiny structure established in 1894 but it was closed.  IMG_0948

We once again braved the bus and headed back out to our campground.  Geri and Michael had called the Alaska Marine Highway System while I was in Office Depot having some documents printed and scanned.  Larry and Geri while out walking Friday morning had talked to a “local” who told them not to ride the ferry from Haines to Skagway—drive instead, she told them it was one of the most beautiful drives in the world.  So—we left Juneau a day early and rode the ferry to Haines, Alaska today, Saturday, August 23.  Our last ferry ride was spectacular!


  1. Thanks for keeping it real ... honest thoughts ... great information for those that have not been to Alaska yet.

  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. So sad some folks can't get the concept of good manners.

  3. I'm afraid I would have been a basket case had I been there with all those people milling about.

  4. Too many tourists in one place would annoy me. Nice photos, once again.

  5. Don't know what to say ......just glad you all were able to sort things out and make the best of it ....sounds like great adventures are ahead .......looking forward to the next leg .....keep havin' FUN!!!!!!!

  6. We experienced the same thing in Glacier, walking the trails - too many people, walking too fast and taking up the entire path, walking three and four side by side! Awful! What's with people? Enjoyed your beautiful photos, we have never been to Alaska!

  7. You are making me real happy to be right here at home,,,,, Quiet and comfortable...

  8. Those spectacular places with short visiting seasons are tough. Crowds bring out the worst in me. Now the labyrinth at the Shrine and the USFS campground sound near perfect......hope your change of plans gives you more lovely and peaceful experiences.

  9. All those people sound terrible! We would have been outta there too. Hope you've managed to find a peaceful corner to hang in the wilderness.
    Paul and Nina (wheelingit)

  10. I just don't do crowds! You are much braver than I.


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