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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Are On Our Way

I always say, “I think we are loaded” and then I continue to load for hours on the last day—granted when you are traveling in a truck camper that loading takes on a new dimension!  I was saying to myself, “If I want to take another pair of shoes, something else has to come out of the rig.  Do I really need to take stuff to make soup, there are grocery stores in both Canada and Alaska.”  Well, finally just before noon yesterday we headed down the driveway.  Our Alaska adventure has begun. 

Destination last night was Neihart, MT, home to our friends Royal and Nancy.  They own a convenience store which just happens to have RV hookups out back.  We spent the evening visiting with them and the many folks of that community who use the store as a gathering place—it was a beautiful summer evening in Montana watching the moon rise.

Today we had a long, long travel day for us—54 miles Winking smile!!  All the way to Great Falls where the next exciting event is happening—Laci, our granddaughter and her husband John will hopefully welcome their daughter into the world Thursday. 

Laci on her last pregnant dayGeri was a jewel today whipping up a delicious evening meal for John, Laci, Michael and me—especially after that long travel day we had! Winking smile

IMG_0026We had some excitement while eating dinner—there is evidently a resident turkey in this Great Falls RV park.  He strolls around picking bugs from the front grills of arriving rigs!!  He meandered through our campsite then made himself way, way too much at home on Laci and John’s car--IMG_0028I mean he really made himself at home by doing his nasty business right on top of the car!



It’s hot in Great Falls, 97 degrees this afternoon—sure am glad that truck camper has air conditioning!! 


  1. What a hoot with that turkey! I guess he is fine as long he isn't going on your car:) Save travels:) Have a wonderful trip. Hope baby arrives soon!

  2. The truck/camper unit looks great. When the baby arrives, you will be close by.

    That is quite the turkey story, along with some interesting photos.

  3. Looking forward to traveling along on your Alaska adventure. Something we'd like to do in the future. Safe travels.

  4. How great to be on the road heading off on a new unknown adventure to places you have never been before. All the best in your travels.

  5. Safe travels, I was starting to wonder whether you had just forgot to tell us about that baby. I am thinking Laci is ready to get 'er done. 97 and 9 going on 10 months pregnant probably is not a cakewalk. All the best.

  6. So exciting to be headed out on this great adventure (with a nice stop to share Laci's big adventure as well). Have seen geese picking the bugs from car grills before - but never as bold as the climbing turkey! He'd best be hiding come November or find himself invited to John and Laci's for holiday dinner :-). The camper and truck look sweet!!

  7. Hope the baby has arrived..... Congratulations all the way around !!! Your truck camper looks ready to roll on the truck ..... Have a wonderful time and safe travels going and returning home ....What FUN !!!!!!


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