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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We Won The Lottery Today

Yep, we won the lottery, the sun shone in southeast Alaska!!!  We woke to fog and more fog but before noon, the fog was gone and all that remained were some clouds.  Early to bed for all of us last night and we all slept like rocks with rain falling on the RV roofs.  Laundry—it’s nice to have a full service RV park at times—and then we were off to explore the area around Petersburg.


First stop was a whale watching viewpoint—no whales but we did see some seals or sea lions—it was hard to tell.  We received some expert information from the kind man who stopped at the viewpoint—he was the local Presbyterian minister.  He assured us we would see whales on our ferry ride from Petersburg to Juneau tomorrow!!!  Boats, seals, birds, sunshine—it was a beautiful spot!!!




Next stop we had a picnic lunch and took a stroll through the rain forest.  A swamp monster appeared out of all the moss and mist:

IMG_0677Traveling with Larry has been laughs a minute!! Smile

There was even a quilt shop stop for me today in Petersburg where I purchased a pattern and come fabric to make a little wall hanging to commemorate our trip.


IMG_0691Falls Creek and the fish ladder which helps the salmon navigate the waterfall.  IMG_0706A Sitka black tail deer.

We met a young woman and her three children at a spot called Blind River Rapids—bears can often be spotted feeding on the salmon, but not today! Sad smileThe young woman was born and raised in Petersburg, Alaska—it was interesting to hear how different island life was.  Traveling on ferries to sporting events for her children, paying $7 for a gallon of milk, her children playing outside even if it was raining—and it sounds as if she wouldn’t have it any other way!

IMG_0709IMG_0715They start fishing early around here!

IMG_0724Emmi loves LarryIMG_0725Right next to us is a dock where these container barges load and unload—the guys spent lots of time outside today watching one being unloaded and another loaded—they even transport modular homes on the ferries up here—see the house on the right??

IMG_0731Our marker for tellinhg us the tide is coming in or out right below the rig.IMG_0733The cowboy has it right—there’s Larry up on top of our rig trying to fix the leak around our Fantastic fan.

IMG_0746-001And more evening entertainment right outside our windows.  We are loving southeast Alaska.  On to Juneau tomorrow!!!


  1. What is the first photo of? It looks so intriguing & colorful.

  2. I am sooo loving your pictures. The one of the guys on the bench is priceless.

  3. It's enjoyable to follow your Alaska trip. Great photos. I hope you will see the sun more often.

  4. Leave it to you to find a quilt shop !!!

  5. Great photos and looking forward to more from Juneau.

  6. How beautiful!! And the leaf mask photo is hilarious!

  7. I haven't been to blog land for a while, but I am thoroughly enjoying your trip and the fantastic photos. I feel like I'm right along side of you!!!


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