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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Juneau To Haines

We experienced something highly unusual during the last four days of our southeast Alaska visit—sunshine!  Four days of blue skies, white fluffy clouds and sunshine!  Our ferry ride on Saturday, August 23 was spectacular!

IMG_0973If they don’t like the looks of our rig do we just continue out the opposite side!!!!!IMG_0977We nicknamed this glacier Racktrack Glacier.

IMG_0984IMG_0990IMG_0995Nina, here’s one for you and Paul.  This is the oldest original Alaskan lighthouse building and the only remaining octagonal frame lighthouse built between 1902 and 1905.  The Eldred Lighthouse appeared to be in some state of construction—equipment and recently disturbed ground—let’s hope so!  If you click on the above link you will be taken to a “lighthouse friends” website with some interesting information about the lighthouse.



We arrived in Haines about 11:30am and were met by a friend of Larry and Geri’s who spends summers in Haines, Alaska.  Dan led us to our campground and called another of Larry and Geri’s, Eugene, who met us at the campground for a gab fest around the picnic table in the sunshine. 

Poor Geri has caught a bug:

IMG_1046She’s trying to keep the rest of us from getting sick!

Last night after a dinner of grilled sausage we loaded up the rigs and headed out to Chilkat State Park in hopes of seeing some bear feeding on the salmon—no bears but we did get to see this young woman bring in her salmon!



Sunshine is over, we woke to rain this morning and maybe that’s what has caused us to be total bums today!  I did some laundry and enjoyed a long, long hot shower in the campground bathrooms but that’s about the extent of our day.  Larry and Geri got out and took a drive but we just stayed tucked inside our little cocoon!!  One disadvantage to truck campers we have discovered—in order to go to the grocery store or anywhere else you have to pull up stakes and take your home with you! 

But, I needed groceries so off we went this afternoon—I’m making chicken noodle soup for supper for Geri and the rest of us.  Plus some sort of peach dessert if I can manage it in this tiny kitchen! Smile

Tomorrow we will leave Haines and head out—I don’t know how much internet service we will have across the Yukon, etc. so expect blogs when you see them!


  1. Enjoying your posts and beautiful pictures.
    Did u ever show us the inside of this 'camper' or did I miss it?
    I'm curious because I sense you have a creative flair!

  2. Great photos, Janna, just beautiful. I love the ones of the glaciers - that one does look like a racetrack for sure. Nice to get all that sunshine too.

  3. I think I'm enjoying this trip as much as you are. The photographs are stunning

  4. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you found Larry and Geri to travel with. You all seem to be having an experience of a lifetime. We're really enjoying your photos. Stay safe!


  5. This trip is terrific !!!! The photos today are wonderful !!!! ALMOST feel like I am there !!! Sorry Geri is under the weather....hope she gets feeling better and the rest of you avoid the bug .....glad you called a rest day ..... Keep HAV'IN FUN !!!!!

  6. I'm sure the view is best, but I have no desire to be the first vehicle on the ferry - it definitely looks like one would just "keep going"! Glad you had a nice stretch of sunny days - the photos are beautiful!

  7. What a fascinating lighthouse! Thanks very much for including that. I'm loving your pics. Classic Alaska beauty!
    Nina and Paul (wheelingit)

  8. Terrific pictures! Glad you got to enjoy some of that Alaskan sunshine:)


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